Odyssey IP,  Advisor

Robert Taylor, ESQ.

Mr. Taylor has practiced law in New Jersey for over 30 years, and is currently the owner/manager of the Law Offices of Robert Taylor, in East Orange, N.J. He was formerly a producer in the Oil and Gas industry, and has served as Founder and Executive Director of Urb'n Flo Records, Inc. Mr. Taylor has counseled numerous voluntary and non-profit Boards/Foundations and other organizations locally, nationally and internationally; in addition to representing many developers and business enterprises. A world traveler, an author, writing contributor to Black Enterprise Magazine; and avid collector of African Art, Robert Taylor has gained a wealth of knowledge in some of Africa's most treasured artistic pieces; including ancient hand carvings and tribal masks. He is currently writing a book on the subject, which will present much of his collection to the public. This quintessential artist/educator has been leading students for thirty four years in various schools Pre K-8 around the East Orange school district.