Leading Women Entrepreneurs Award 2013

In 2013, Melissa Persia Oliver was named one of the top 25 Leading Woman Entrepreneurs of New Jersey by the Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners organization and appeared in the October 2013 & February 2014 editions of New Jersey Monthly Magazine for her advocacy efforts.
Since starting her entrepreneurial journey in the late 1990’s Persia has been a prime example of taking your dreams by the reigns. She inspires young women in the community with her “reach back while climbing” approach. Persia continues to push her business forward while continuing to uplift our communities through her outreach programs, strong leadership and giving spirit.
The Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE) Program was developed for the purpose of acknowledging female business owners who exhibit outstanding performance in four areas: market potential, innovation, community involvement and advocacy for women. The Top 25 supports numerous non-profits, is employing thousands, generating millions and represents a variety of industries. The 2013 recipients are the epitome of role models and mentors for aspiring women entrepreneurs everywhere.