Advisor to CFO

Kyle Abercrombie

Kyle Abercrombie was born in Newark, NJ but later relocated to Hillside, NJ where the presence of African American families was scarce in the 1960s. He would quickly learn from his father, the late Reverend, Doctor James Abercrombie how to establish a presence; as a pioneer in the community, cultivating and molding the minds of the youth. His father would link with his soon to be best friend, the late Reverend, Doctor Lawrence C. Roberts, establishing the “spiritual hospital” known to many as the 1st Baptist Church in Nutley. 

Kyle would firsthand experience his father developing a Sunday School Department from 2 students to an excess of 500 students from all around the tri-state area. He would witness the unity and leadership necessary for growth. It is obvious the apple didn't fall far from the tree, for Kyle would eventually have a link of his own to Al-tariq Best, a product of the leadership and teachings of his father. Along with the passion for the community, Kyle would develop and fine tune the artistry involved in fashion. Eventually known as “the 1 voice 4 all” he would receive numerous awards worldwide as an award-winning fashion commentator. 

This would highly decorate his already impressive resume as he appeared on stage with the likes of Brian McKnight, Freddie Jackson, Jaheim, Dottie Peoples, Dorothy Norwood, Stephanie Mills, and Kenny Bobien. He would also grace the big screen in his appearance in the movie “The Turtleneck Gang”, released in 2008. With an array of talent, and a consistent flow of inspiration, it is no surprise that Kyle Abercrombie sought to continue in his father's path, uniting with the FP YOUTHOUTCRY Foundation. As the Director of Community Affairs, one would have to have knowledge of the community, but most of all, a passion and love for the people of the community. What better teacher to provide the knowledge needed than the experience of being the offspring of a great activist and communal leader. What greater evidence of love needed than to be willing to lay down his life for the empowerment of the community, starting with the children.